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As Helping Professionals, it's easy to get wrapped up in the never-ending cycle of work-home-work-weekend and rarely come up for air.  In an initial survey I did, all respondents indicated that there was not enough support in the community for social workers, nurses, doctors, teachers, etc.   People who help other people.  This is a group where we are paying attention to the caregiver.   

As we get closer to launching this group, I'd like to get a sense from you about the fears, issues, topics, and concerns that need to be front and center.

Please feel free to reach out via email as well.

With Gratitude,


Please select the topics you are interested in covering for the structured portion of the group (all that apply) *
We will have a structured part of group where we'll watch a video, complete an exercise, etc., and then a more unstructured discussion time.