Men's group: Men supporting men

"There's not a place in my life where I can share how I feel or what's really going on."

"It's not safe to be vulnerable because it's seen as weak."

"I don't have guy friends I can really talk to about more than sports or work."

These are the phrases I hear frequently in the Men's group.  It's a safe haven for men to discuss what's going on in their lives and be heard in a place free of judgment, "fixing," or scorn.  There is a ton of laughter, some honest feedback, a lot of questions, and true connection that goes on during our time together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Anya, you're a woman running a men's group.  What's that about?

True, very true.  I saw a need for connection among the male clients I was seeing, and decided to get them together in a group.  I am transparent about my limitations as a woman understanding the male psyche, but the bottom line is we are all human.   Group members support each other and gain insight from all perspectives.  My role is to facilitate and help each member get more clear about his own feelings and relationships. 

2.  Is this just sitting around doing lots of complaining? What can this really look like?

Nope, no whining here. It's a place of deep respect, integrity, and empathy.  Members appreciate the space to be themselves and be honest about their struggles without having to "pretend."  Topics discussed have included marriage and relationships, physical and emotional intimacy, medication, career and workplace issues, communication, and more.  No topic is off limits. 

3.  I'm a do-er. I get things done.  How can talking help?

Honestly, no one likes being told what to do.  There is so much busy-ness in our culture that we can easily distract ourselves from the real problems lurking beneath the surface.  Do you ever explode with anger and not know where it comes from?  Do you feel the need to blow off some steam in ways you can't name, or ways you can't discuss with others?  This is a place where we can talk through the issues that lead to the explosions or the need to offload those difficult feelings.  Members who attend this group find it immensely helpful to get feedback and validation about what's happening.  They feel less alone. 

4.  How often does this meet? I have a busy schedule. 

This group meets every other Tuesday from 7-9pm.

5.  Can I just show up?

No.  An intake is required so that we can ensure it's the right fit for you, and for Anya to get a sense of the issues you will bringing to the group.  

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