This group is currently full; please contact me if you’re interested as another group can form.

Empowered Connections

A group for women going through transitions at mid-life or later, who seek connections with other women based on trust, connection, and empathy.


At midlife and beyond, there can be a loneliness that sets in.  It's easy to isolate.  You've lost some of the roles you used to have when your children were home, when parents were alive, or when friends lived nearby.   You realize that your satisfaction comes from connecting with others in meaningful and genuine ways, not from completing endless tasks, achieving a milestone, or reaching a level to which you previously aspired.   Relationships matter.  As things are changing, you wish you had others to connect with who can really relate to how you're feeling.  They want to support you, and want your support as well.   

Women attending this group:

  • Work to identify what they feel and how to express it honestly, directly, and tactfully (versus avoiding or numbing).

  • Know what their values are and strive to live in alignment with them.

  • Seek feedback in a constructive and supportive way.

  • Want to connect with others by practicing empathic responses and experiencing the same in return.

They feel seen, heard, and supported in a way that empowers them to go back into their lives to practice the communication and behaviors discussed and processed in the group.  

Sound like you?  I'd love to have you join us to create space of connection, safety, and comfort to work these things out.

When does the group meet?

Biweekly on Thursdays 10am-12pm