When you're looking for support, it can be hard to wait.

Check out the resources below to gain insight into some nagging problems.

When you’re upset or hurt, but would rather avoid confrontation than express how you feel

It’s just that you don’t know what to say that won’t make the other person angry, won’t start a fight, and won’t backfire on you. You need scripts. Like the actual words. The exact phrases to use in order to speak honestly without being inflammatory.

The scripts include:

  • 3 simple communication swaps with BIG impact

  • How to "circle back" when you messed up

  • Sentence completion exercise to figure out what you actually need from the other person and how to ask for it.

communication brene brown


Say no without self-doubt

  • 20 ways to say no without second guessing everything that just happened

  • The exact phrases you can use to decline with minimal anxiety or discomfort

  • The one thing you can say to yourself today to boost your confidence

Do you feel guilty when you say no, or try to stand up for yourself?  

This 5-day email course will support you in letting go of the guilt.

  • One email per day for 5 days

  • Learn to identify your fears that hold you back from speaking up

  • Learn what triggers you the most and prevents you from standing up for yourself

  • How to speak kindly to YOURSELF first!