When you're looking for support, it can be hard to wait.

Here are several resources to get quick support through via immediate download or your inbox.

You need to talk to someone about something hard, but don't know what to say

What's included:

  • 3 simple communication swaps with BIG impact

  • How to "circle back" when you messed up

  • Sentence completion exercise to figure out what you actually need from the other person

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When you want to say no, but don't know how

  • 20 ways to say no without feeling like a bitch or fearing that your friends will abandon you

  • The exact phrases you can use to decline with minimal anxiety or discomfort

  • The one thing you can say to yourself today to boost your confidence and amplify your inner diva

Do you feel guilty when you say no, or try to stand up for yourself?  This 5-day email course will support you in letting go of the guilt.

  • One email per day for 5 days

  • Learn to identify your fears that hold you back from speaking up

  • Learn what triggers you the most and prevents you from standing up for yourself

  • How to speak kindly to YOURSELF first!

Do you worry about getting everyone's approval so no one gets mad at you?

Here is a guide with questions on how to ditch this people-pleasing behavior.  Find the answers to what's holding you back from be true to you. 

  • Know what you need to do to stop making up worst-case scenarios

  • Understand what approval or the lack of it means to you and how to address it

  • Disconnect yourself from the idea that approval = worthiness

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