2019 Summer Teachers Lounge is in full swing!

If you’re interested in joining us over winter break or next summer, please fill out an interest form below

teachers group

A group for teachers to feel, be real, and heal from school year anxiety

teachers group

You cannot wait until the last item in your classroom is packed up and put away for the summer.  You've white-knuckled it through the year and are waiting for summer to arrive like you waited by the mailbox for your college acceptance letter.  The year has been hard:  the pressure, the expectations, the endless work at school and at home, the time you don't spend with your friends and family, and on and on.  

This summer you can FINALLY relax.  Take time to catch up with people.  Read for pleasure.  Binge watch those shows.  Go to the beach and do nothing.  

The thing is that September always rolls around again and brings a familiar feeling of anticipation and dread.  While you promise yourself each year things will be different, somehow not much changes.  

Why Group? Why Now?


You want to enjoy your summer without the nagging stone in your shoe that the peace is short-lived.  You don't know how to make changes so that things CAN really be different.  

Coming to group is a way to be validated and connect with others who've shared the same experiences in and out of the classroom.  Dealing with administrators, parents, lesson plans, grading, etc., as well as the anxiety that goes along with it.

In this group we will commiserate and find new strategies and tools to cope with the endless pressure of being a teacher in today's world.  Plus, connection is why we're here on earth, and it lets us know we matter and make an impact.    


  • Strategies for maintaining greater work life balance

  • A self-care practice that is realistic and sustainable for the school year

  • Tools to manage anxiety and stress so you have them when you need them

  • A sense of belonging and acceptance to stop feeling so alone.

  • A feeling of true connection with others who really get it (and don't judge)

When does this group meet?

Mondays from 1pm-3pm | June 24th through August 12th

What will group be like?

The groups will be topic focused to address the common stressors and gain strategies, but with time for sharing, processing, and connecting with other like-minded educators.   While gripes will be addressed, it's not a place to just dump grievances; it's a place to be heard, validated, and seen for how your stress from teaching affects your overall well-being, and learn different ways to deal with that. 

Can teachers from the same school attend?

Yes.  As long as each feels comfortable sharing openly with the other, and there is a mutual understanding about the strict confidentiality and privacy required for group to be effective. 


The fee for the group is $50 per week.

Can I just show up?

An intake may be required prior to attending your first group.   Please complete a group interest form below.  Space is limited to 8.

Complete a group interest form for Winter break or next summer

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