Therapists' Group

It's time to connect.  For real.  With empathy, compassion, and understanding that therapists are people too. 

No more

therapists group.jpg
  • Hiding behind professional jargon

  • Feeling like others will judge you if you have your own real life stuff going on.

  • Helping others and neglecting yourself

  • Not being allowed to have "problems" because you're a therapist and should "know better."

What this group is not:

  • A place to diagnose and/or treat others

  • Clinical supervision

  • Peer consultation

What we all want:

  • The bliss of connection: being heard and seen by others who truly get it

  • Feeling safe and supported when sharing vulnerably

  • Relief from the pressures of everyday personal and professional life

You can find this here in group.  We will co-create it because we have a shared vision and similar needs.  

Who I am as the facilitator:

Another real therapist.  A wife, a mom, a daughter, a trampoline lover, a kickboxer, a book hoarder, a makeup junkie, and coffee connoisseur.  I'm not concerned with nor interested in high brow and esoteric language that creates distance and shame.  I want to recognize the humanness of therapists and their needs as people just like everyone else.  I don't think this need is being met for everyone, which is why I'm offering this group. 

I've been running groups with various populations, genders, and ages since 2005.  There is no greater feeling or energy than the group "buzz" when connection is bouncing around like sparks.   Being supported like this in a group setting is incredibly healing.  Therapists as givers need to also learn how to receive care.  It's more vulnerable.  If you're a fellow Brené lover, you know that vulnerability is the birthplace of love, compassion, joy, and courage.  Everything we all want.