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 >> Learn how build and maintain trust

>> Listen and respond with empathy instead of "fix it" mode

>> Finally know what a boundary is and how to set one

>> Identify what you need and be able to express it



>> Avoidance of, well, anything and everything that could lead to a conflict

>> The overthinking highlight reel where you say what you wanted to say but didn't have the guts to

>> Fear of people being mad at you, even if you didn't do anything


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Hi!  I'm Anya Surnitsky, LCSW, CDWF

I'll be your host of the Relationship Rescue: Communication CPR Couples Workshop.

I'm so excited that you are joining us to improve your communication and strengthen your relationships!  I work with so many people who avoid saying what they need to say in their relationships, which can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.  

This is why I created this one-day intensive; I wanted to help others work on improving their communication instead of avoiding the hard stuff.