Courage Compass Therapy groups

Which one is right for you?


Why Group?

Groups provide support. You can gain a sense of relief from hearing that others struggle with similar issues.  It lessens feelings of loneliness and isolation.  Often people feel that they are the only person they know with anxiety, not feeling good enough, depression, relationship issues, grief, etc., but it’s simply not true.

Groups provide a sounding board.  If, for example, you talk about a fight you had with your partner, group members can see things that you don’t.  Hearing from other people about how you come across can be very powerful.  You will receive a range of perspectives on your situation that can help you address your issue differently than you would have before.

Groups can propel you forward.  Hearing how other members successfully confronted a family member, upheld a boundary, or successfully used a coping skill can be very encouraging.  You may feel motivated to push yourself when you see that others have had success in the same area. 

Group therapy is cost effective.  Some people believe that group therapy is less effective because it costs less, but that is a myth. Participating in the right group at the right time can be incredibly powerful.  Some believe group therapy is more beneficial than individual therapy.

Groups teach you about yourself.  Every person in the group holds up a mirror and you get to see yourself through their eyes.  They can gently point out your blind spots that are preventing you from addressing your presenting problems.