Relationship rescue: Communication CPR

Summer workshop series

This summer series is for you if:

  • You're a person who struggles to communicate clearly.
  • You avoid communicating with your partner or other people in your life because you don't want to make them angry or upset
  • You don't know how to say no
  • You stew in silence as your laundry list of resentments grows
  • You need to learn new ways to communicate how you feel about what your partner or loved one has said or done
  • You joke about your feelings and sweep them under the rug


 {Learn about these topics + gain these Communication skills

Aka- what we'll be doing all day...}

Workshop 1

> Trust

  • Learn how to BRAVE CONNECTION with the 7 essential components of trust in relationships
  • Understand how to use a marble jar as a metaphor for trust in your relationship

> Boundaries

  • First, learn ((WTF)) boundaries are so you can learn how to use them accordingly
  • Gain 2 tried and true ways to set firmer boundaries so you can communicate what is ok and what's not ok when it comes to your relationship
  • The two questions you have to ask yourself when setting a boundary

Workshop 2

> Empathy

  • Understand the 5 parts of empathy and how to listen without rushing to "fix it."
  • Practice responding empathically to learn how to "circle back."  In non-therapist terms, learn what to do if you mess up the first time around and are worried about revisiting the conversation, but... you really kinda need to.

> Communicating needs

  • Before you can communicate your needs, you first need to identify what they are.  Get the unique tool to identify your needs.
  • Learn how to communicate without criticism, judgment, or blame.  

{The Details}


Saturday, July 15th, 10am-12pm 

Saturday, August 12th, 10am-12pm


$60 per person for one session

$100 per person for Series

What's included  

Refreshments and all materials (+surprise bonuses!)


Park Center Wellness | 208 N. Easton Rd. | Willow Grove, PA 19090


                                             >>Space is limited to 12 participants only!<<


Facilitation and instruction from Anya Surnitsky, LCSW.  engage in written exercises, watch instructive and entertaining videos + share a bit about what you're learning with others.

Ok, ok, that's great, but why do I need these tools again?

You don't have to feel this way anymore...

You don't have to feel this way anymore...

> You're tired of letting people walk all over you when you agree to things you really don't want to do.  You do this because you don't want to seem "rude" or "mean" or "selfish."  It's terrifying to speak up for yourself, so... you just don't. 

> You may wait days, weeks, or months to let someone know what's bothering you, or your partner finally pulls it out of you, but you explode, yell, or say things you can never take back.

> The smoke and mirrors game of avoidance is just getting old.  It's tiring to wonder when the subject will come up again, figure out how you're going to dodge it then or (gasp) say something.  

> You want to feel like an adult who knows how to handle things in a mature way.  

You. Empowered.

You. Empowered.

Leave the workshop anD:

:: Feel relieved in having the tools to KNOW WHAT TO SAY + WHEN TO SAY IT

:: Feel empowered and confident to stand up for yourself because you'll know how to set boundaries

:: Stop the cycle of avoidance

:: Stop withholding the truth about what you think and how you feel

:: Know how to say NO + Stop being a doormat