Therapy for therapists

Real Talk:

When you cannot ask for help without self-judgment, you are never really offering help without judgment.
— Brené Brown
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Therapists... you're human too.  With feelings, needs, traumas, and messiness.   There's no shame in being a helper who needs help; you can't always know how to "fix it" yourself.  Doctors need doctors.  Lawyers need lawyers.  Therapists need therapists.  Giving and receiving help is part of being human. 

We all have wounds; maybe we think they've scarred over, but perhaps they are now getting reopened unexpectedly.  You DESERVE to heal: again, or for the first time.  

Reaching out for help and support is a brave, courageous, vulnerable and heroic step for your professional work and personal life.  It's ethical practice and in service of your self-care.  

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>> I believe that therapists in therapy:

  • Are human just like everyone else

  • Are flawed, messy, imperfect, and make mistakes

  • Have blind spots that they need help with

  • Become better therapists by taking care of their own "stuff"

  • Are strong and brave

  • Are vulnerable to neglecting their own self-care

  • Can be guarded in personal relationships

  • Feel difficulty connecting with others due to professional barriers (boundaries, being accused of using "therapist jargon," feeling like you can't expose vulnerability, etc.)

  • Don't need to have it all figured out


Therapists:  here is your permission

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It's Time

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> To feel like you're operating in your integrity both personally and professionally

> To be at peace when offering treatment and interventions with clients, knowing that you have done your work too

> To know that you are getting the support you need, expressing how you feel, and processing what's holding you back.  You are still growing. 

> To believe that you deserve satisfaction, fulfillment, and REAL connection too.  It's not just about the client.  It's about what you get from the work.  If you are burned out and not filling your own cup, you can't get there. 

As it turns out, we can’t practice compassion with other people if we can’t treat ourselves kindly.
— Brené Brown