We all we got, we all we need

We all we got, we all we need.png

What we can learn from the Eagles this season

It's the day almost all Philadelphians have been waiting for, from two weeks to a few decades... The Eagles are finally in the Superbowl with a good chance to win.  The energy is palpable and the fervor is contagious.

Ok... cool, but how does this relate to courage?  If you've been following football, you probably know that the Eagles star quarterback Carson Wentz was injured 3/4 of the way through the season, and many thought the season would be over, having to play in the playoffs with a backup quarterback. 

Everyone doubted the Eagles ability to win from the first week Nick Foles took the helm.  They could have given in to the negativity and disbelief in their skill as a team without Wentz.  They didn't: they figured out how to adjust, use different strengths, and continue to play despite naysayers.  They tuned out the doubters, haters, and skeptics.  They've been underdogs in every playoff game they've won.  They believe in themselves more than ever, and their slogan for the Superbowl is fitting:  "We all we got, we all we need."  Talk about courage. 

They are leading with courage and banding together as a team.  While your challenges may be on the individual level, the metaphor transfers and you can use the energy and excitement as fuel over your own hurdles.

How can you use the Eagles' inspiring story this season as a metaphor for your own journey?

Do you count yourself out too soon when things go wrong?  Do you believe the negative comments, the skeptics, or critics?  The negative voice may be coming from within too-- that pesky inner critic...

Here's how to double down on yourself in the face of adversity and challenge:

1.  Focus on what you do well.  Find all the details, expand on them, and see how you can leverage your strengths.

2.  Dig deep for inspiration, belief, and confidence.  You have been successful in the past.  What worked then?  Gather your evidence. What lessons did you learn to avoid certain mistakes? Find what inspires you (music, quotes, stories, etc.) and immerse yourself in it.

3.  Hold on tight to your supports.  Who are your fans?  Who doesbelieve in you?  Who can you reach out to when feeling fear?  If your biggest fan is only you, it's still ok.  You're all you got, you're all you need.

4.  Practice, plan, and execute.  That pretty much says it all.  

So you can be sure I will be watching and cheering tonight.  Win or lose, there is no way not to be proud of the effort, commitment, persistence, blood + sweat + tears that went into getting here.