New Year. You are Enough.

You don't have to jump on the resolution bandwagon because it's January. You are enough, as is. You have permission to not change a thing. To continue on, doing the best you can each day. Your best may differ day to day; that’s human. Resolutions are a (cultural) set up, implying that worthiness is conditional on your weight, appearance, savings/bank account balance, home, car, etc. Thus it implies a deficiency.

Perfectionists are allergic to deficiencies or perceived inadequacies, which prompts the never-ending quest to prove flawlessness and gain approval. We are tempted to look over and see how fast the others are running in their lanes, but they are on a different journey. The comparison is a trap. Know that we are all works in progress, on our own journeys. You can load on the pressure, judgment, and dread, or you can give yourself compassion, grace, and kindness on your way.

If it just happens to be January and you are implementing changes, by all means, have fun! But if you are feeling pressured to belong and need to grab onto whatever resolution seems acceptable, you can get off of the ride. You want to know the WHY behind the WHAT. Know that meaningful change takes time, planning, consistent effort, grit,and determination. You can set goals and work towards a change, regardless of time of year, but because you want to and it's in alignment with your values.

You are enough. You do enough. You have enough.

Where does one begin to examine this comparison trap that spurns the approval addiction and the the idea that worthiness dependent on benchmarks?

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